Thursday, May 10, 2012

Modern Haiku - Poetry, Haiku, Senryu, Haibun, Haiga

Modern Haiku

If I may, ahem:

The ancient Haiku
Compressed thought in word, it springs
Like a season's change :)
Modern Haiku, An Independent Journal of Haiku and Haiku Studies. I think the name says it all. Modern Haiku publishes Haiku and Senryu, as well as Haibun and Haiga. I'm a little upset that they don't publish Tanka, but that's neither here nor there.

Modern Haiku isn't a pro market, they pay an honorarium of $1 per haiku, $2 for haibun and $10 for haiga. The good this is, they pay on acceptance!

They also publish essays, book reviews and commission art work. However, since those things are commissioned, you can't send them in over the transom. Send a query letter first!

Although not pro (by payment standards), I'm including  the publication just because...well, just because it's awesome. The site has a ton of back issues and samples for you to peruse as well. And of course they accept electronic submissions.

I'm not going to get too much into it because Modern Haiku's website has all of the info you need. Their guidelines page is very, very detailed and I suggest you read it in its entirety. Ya might learn something new.

Well, there's one caveat:

Editorial cut-off dates for the reading and selection of submissions are March 15, July 15, and November 15 (postmark), but material may be sent at any time and upon acceptance will be published in the next available issue.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

the Missing Link Journal - Fiction - Non-fiction - Flash Fiction - Poetry - Artwork - Photography - Graphic Essays

The Missing Link Journal

I came across the Missing Link Journal while searching through Craigslist looking for some writing opportunities. They had not yet published their first issue, but they put out a call for submissions. I didn't want to speak about them until after their first issue came out. And's out :) I also submitted some of my own poetry to them and was duly rejected :( But for those of you that clock such things, the time from submission to rejection was about 3 months, but that was for the first issue.


Missing Link Journal is a journal dedicated to providing its readers with diverse non-fiction, fiction, poetry, graphic essays, artwork and photography. Our goal is to highlight beautiful and honest art, writing and photography that describes our connections to each other and the natural world.

As you can see, Missing Link buys fiction, poetry and various types of artwork. They look at flash fiction too. They pay somewhere between $25 and $50 for a piece. They accept submissions through submishmash like a lot of other publications these days. To fully understand their guidelines you should check both their submission guidelines page here: and the separate guidelines on their submishmash page here:

The journal is electronic at the moment, but I do believe they plan on having print issues at some point in the future.

As they are only one issue in, I don't think they really have everything quite the way they would like on the website, but please do look around. There are no samples but the site itself states what they are looking for and there are a few links to check out more from some of the first issues contributors.

Correction, if you check the individual purchase page for the first issue here you can actually view the first 20% of the journal, which is about 11 pages :)

They are currently taking submission for the second issue.

They haven't set up a Twitter or Facebook Page as of yet. But I'll update this posting as things change. On a side note, I do believe the main editor is a chef :)

If you want to purchase the first issue of the Missing Link Journal, you can find it here for $1.99 in every available e-format.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Ryga - Poetry - Short Plays - Prose

Ryga Ryga: A Journal of Provocations

Ryga is a Canadian literary journal published twice a year. The title of the journal is in honor of George Ryga, the playwritght that wrote one of Canada's most famous plays, the Ecstacy of Rita Joe. In fact, the journals mission statement and raison d’ĂȘtre is based around that seminal work and is outlined here:

Ryga: A Journal of Provocations showcases the work of both established and emerging writers who explore social issues. We publish two times a year out of Okanagan College. -

Ryga publishes poetry, prose and short plays. It pays $100 for FNASR and some internet rights. I'm not sure if they pay on acceptance or on publication. Odds are they pay on publication though. That seems to be the unfortunate norm :( The site offers many excerpts from it's back issues that you can check for samples. At the time of this article, they have only 4 issues published.

Yup, they accept email submissions, but unfortunately, they don't seem to have an online presence beyond the site itself.

From thier submission guidelines:
Ryga welcomes submissions of previously unpublished poetry, prose and short plays that coincide with our editorial mission and follow these guidelines:
Submissions by email should include the text pasted into the body of the email AND attached as a Word file or a Rich Text Format (.rtf) file.

Submissions should be made to:
Sean Johnston, Editor,

The site also has chapbooks for sale, but it doesn't say that they accept them for consideration.

Additionally, the site links to the George Ryga Award for Social Awareness in Literature page - however, it is only open to residents of British Columbia

You can check out the details here:

So, there ya have it. Good luck :)

Here is the paperback of the play by George Ryga

The Ecstasy of Rita Joe

~ George Ryga (author) More about this product

List Price: $17.95
Price: $15.59
You Save: $2.36 (13%)

Here is music as sung by Ann Mortifee in the theatrical production

Here are some literary works by Ryga's editor, Sean Johnston

A Day Does Not Go By

~ Sean Johnston (author) More about this product

Price: $16.95

All This Town Remembers

~ Sean Johnston (author) More about this product

List Price: $27.95
Price: $21.24
You Save: $6.71 (24%)

The Ditch Was Lit Like This

~ Sean Johnston (author) More about this product

Price $16.95

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jerseyworks - Poetry - Miscellany


Jerseyworks is an online litmag produced in Northfield, NJ - their website is a little haphazard, but I dare say, you will find some magnificent work on there if you were to happen to hazard it :)

Their guidelines have been updated for November 2011:
November 2011 UPDATE. WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: The best in contemporary poetry and more. Open to all styles. We pay on publication for original material. Issues appear four times per year: fall, winter, spring, and summer, and we sometimes publish new material spontaneously. $10 minimum for short verse such as haiku, 20c/wd after 50 wds, $50 max per poem. Response time: 1-3 months. We're looking for poetry in translation and sometimes in languages other than English. Especially interested in French poetry. Contact or submit up to 5 poems to jerseyworks as Word document or copied into body of email.

Other than poetry, I'm not absolutely sure what Jerseywork buys. The site says that it once accepted unsolicited fiction, but no longer does. It's masthead lists the rate for poetry, but is very vague on other forms of art acceptable. I would suggest sending a query if you want to submit anything other than poetry. Although it does say:
What we are looking for is material with imagination, intelligence, heart, and maybe humor. We are always looking for good poetry and fiction, and we especially like to see fine photography, artwork, graphics, cartoons, hypertext, philosophy, and social criticism/analysis in the vein, say, of Sigmund Freud visits Margate, or a photo-essay of a development in Egg Harbor Township. We are interested in the creative and beautiful use of webspace and are open to possibilities.
With that being said, just a trip around the site will let you know that they do indeed accept all kinds of stuff - in fact, I just got done reading a photo essay on the site myself.

As for sample work, the site is full of it - but like I said's a bit of a task finding your way around. Just start at the main page and go from there. Or, start here: and go from there :))

Unfortunately, Jerseyworks doesn't seem to be very social. I cannot find any Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts for you good folks :(

Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Public Space - Fiction - Non-Fiction - Poetry - Artwork - Photography - Illustrated Guides

A Public Space
A Public Space—an independent magazine of art and argument, fact and fiction—was founded in 2006 to give voice to the twenty-first century.
A Public Space is a literary magazine out of Brooklyn (Yes, Brooklyn!) - It's a nonprofit quarterly that publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They also buy artwork and photography as well as illustrated guides.
A Public Space uses Submishmash for online submissions (like pretty much everybody else these days).
The best way to submit is by using our online system, where you will find additional guidelines. It’s easy to use, saves time and paper and postage, and enables you to keep track of your submission.

We read every submission, and respond as quickly as we can; our current wait-time is six months. If you have any questions along the way, email us at general[at]apublicspace[dot]org
The site's guidelines don't list any payment information, but many reputable sources agree that this is a pro-market.

A Public Space has many examples of work for you to check on it's site. It also has back-issues for sale.

You might also want to check out their events, they have some awesome stuff going on. Wish I could attend some of it!

Of course you can catch up with them on both Facebook and's the social age after-all!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Pedestal Magazine - Fiction - Poetry - Book Reviews - Interviews - Spoken Word

The Pedestal Magazine

Ah yes, the Pedestal Magazine. It was one of the first publications I ever tried to submit my own work to years ago. And was rejected. Oh the pain!!!!

Anyway :) the Pedestal is a terrific online literary magazine that I highly recommend:

The goal of The Pedestal Magazine is to provide a platform for authors and literary critics to publish work and stimulate thought and discussion. Published in each issue are 15-20 works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and book reviews from writers around the world. All published writers are paid professional rates. About
The Pedestal Magazine publishes fiction, poetry and book reviews. It pays at a semi-pro to professional rate ($40 for poems and .05/per word for fiction) - Submission is handled online through thier own submission page. Note that that guidelines change a bit from issue to issue, so ALWAYS check
POETRY: We are always open to a wide variety of poetry, ranging from the highly experimental to the traditionally formal. There are no length restrictions. There is no need to query prior to submitting poetry. Submit up to six (6) poems. Please submit all poems in one (1) form.

FICTION: Generally, we are receptive to high-quality literary and genre fiction of all sorts, including traditional and experimental works.

BOOK REVIEWS: While almost all reviews are now handled in-house, we are open to receiving queries regarding reviews of notable poetry collections, short story collections, and novels. Please query prior to submitting reviews.

INTERVIEWS: We are open to receiving queries regarding interviews with accomplished poets and fiction writers. Please query prior to submitting interviews.

SPOKEN WORD/SLAM: We are no longer accepting unsolicited spoken word/slam submissions. Please query Zachary Kluckman at if you are interested in submitting spoken word work.

The Pedestal takes a time-out for about a week, once a month. So check the guidelines page at the bottom to see if they're on hiatus or not.

There's no need to fret about finding sample work. Since it's an online magazine, ALL of the issues, starting with the current one, can be found on the site and perused free of charge :)

What? You thought an online magazine wouldn't have a presence on Facebook?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ruminate Magazine - Fiction - Creative Non-Fiction - Poetry - Art - Interviews - Book Reviews

Ruminate Magazine - Chewing on Life, Faith and Art 

Ruminate is a Christian, themed (and Christian themed) magazine.
ru'mi-nate: to chew the cud; to muse; to meditate; to think again; to ponder
RUMINATE is a quarterly magazine of short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and visual art that resonate with the complexity and truth of the Christian faith. Each issue is a themed forum for literature and art that speaks to the existence of our daily lives while nudging us toward a greater hope.
But don't let the Christian spiritual overtones throw you. It's always best to remember that some of the most beautiful works of art grow from a seed of pure faith :) Besides...
RUMINATE publishes work with both subtle and overt associations to the Christian faith as well as work that has no direct association.
Ruminate publishes fiction, creative non-fiction, interviews, poetry, art and book reviews. As mentioned above, Ruminate publishes themed issues, so be sure to check the guidelines to make sure you're submitting the right type of work!

They accept submissions through an online submission form and pay $5 per page or in contributor copies.

Full Submission Guidelines are here:

Sample Work can be found in the list of back issues:

Of course they're on Facebook...why wouldn't they be?

Etchings - Fiction - Poetry - Essays - Photography - Art

Etchings - Fiction Poetry Essays Photography Art

ETCHINGS is a quality publication with an international focus, dedicated to showcasing new work by emerging and established writers and artists.

Etchings is an Australian journal and...well...pretty much everything that needs to be said is already said in its guidelines :)
We accept submissions of all styles of literary fiction, poetry, personal & creative essays, photography, and art.

All unsolicited submissions must be unpublished.

We also accept electronic submissions, particularly from overseas contributors. Format: RTF for writing, and 300 dpi for images (JPG preferred).

All accepted work will need to be submitted in electronic format: RTF or PDF for writing, and 300 dpi for images (JPG preferred).

Please limit submissions to three prose pieces (max 5000 words per piece), or three images. Poetry submissions should include at least three, but no more than six poems.

Contributors are paid AU$75 and receive one copy of the issue they appear in. (For poetry, this fee covers three to five pages of poems; a fee of AU$35 is paid for poems up to two pages.) Please note: Australian contributors are paid by cheque. International contributors are paid via PayPal secure payment services.

Email electronic submissions to:
Oh yea, Etchings publishes themed issues, so be sure you are submitting the right kind of work. However, the site says that if it doesn't match the current issue, it'll be saved for the next issue's consideration.
The themes are intended as starting points only, and they can be interpreted in many different ways.
 Good Luck :) more thing: For examples, there are sample pages from the current and back issues available on the site!

The publisher of Etchings, Ilura Press can be found on twitter and facebook