Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dreams & Nightmares - Poetry - Flash Fiction - Artwork

Dreams and Nightmares

My kind of publication! Dreams and Nightmares (DN) publishes mostly poetry of the speculative type (fantasy and science fiction).

Welcome to the website for Dreams and Nightmares magazine. DN is a print magazine of science fiction and fantasy poetry. DN was founded in January of 1986.

The magazine accepts poetry and short (flash) fiction as well as some artwork. Of course the editor/publisher prefers email submissions :) I do believe he will pay by paypal as well if requested. Also, this happens to be one of those glorious "pays on acceptance" markets (as opposed to "pays on publication")
Poetry & Fiction
Maximum length for poetry or fiction is 2 single-spaced typed pages, but I prefer less than one page. I prefer e-submissions in the body of the message.
I print 15-20 poems per issue. Buying 1st N.Am. serial rights unless state otherwise. Payment is $12 on acceptance + 2 contributor's copies.
Fewer than 5% of submissions are accepted. Response time is commonly 4-8 weeks.

Artwork should be line drawings; no half-tones. Good photocopies OK, but I prefer to receive JPEG's as e-mail attachments. Art should be no larger than 4 1/2 by 7 1/2 inches, but I can reduce it. Payment $12 on acceptance plus 2 copies.

For samples of artwork, the site has a gallery section with covers from back issues:

Send submissions to:

David (the editor/publisher) also keeps a regular blog with site updates, announcements and examples of his own work - it looks like he posts a daily haiku :)

You can also find him on Twitter and...lot's of other places.

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