Monday, September 12, 2011's Top 50 Literary Magazines's Top 50 Literary Magazines
Every Writer's Resource (EWR) -

Every Writer's Resource is, as the name states, a nice writer's resource with links to many literary magazines, markets, publishing articles etc.

If, for some reason, you don't know what a literary magazine is:

The reason why I'm posting about this list is because each entry in the list also contains a link to the submission guidelines for that particular zine. They indicate with bold if the the magazine accepts email submissions (my favorite type!) - Well, to be fair, outside of the list itself, the site is a rather nice one. I highly suggest exploring it.

I'm going to list the first, top 10. You can follow the link to see the rest.

  • The best of the best. We didn't have any commercial magazines on our last list, but it was a shame to leave this literary magazine out. After lots of emails here it is one the oldest and the most honored magazine of all. Started in the 1920s and has a circulation of over a million readers. Online submissions:
  1. Ploughshares
  • Founded in 1971 Ploughshares is our best and highest ranked university non-commercial literary magazine. It is more honored by national anthologies than any other magazine except the New Yorker. It is an outstanding publication. Online submissions:
  • Founded in 1857 and often honored by national anthologies. This is another outstanding commercial magazine with a very large circulation of about 400,000 readers. They do publish new writers from time to time. Submissions by email.
  1. Harper's Magazine
  • Started in 1998 but quickly became one of the best and best known literary magazines in the country. It has been honored by national anthologies more times than many literary magazine that have been publishing for over 100 years. 
  1. New England Review
  1. Georgia Review
  1. Kenyon Review
  • Is published by Georgia State university and is in our top 10 of these 50 for being always in national anthologies and winning awards. Founded in 1996 still less than 20 years old but a great literary magazine. Online submissions:

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