Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Five Points: A Journal Of Literature and Art - Fiction - Poetry - Essays - Photography

Five Points: A Journal of Literature & Art

Five Points: a journal of literature and art is published by Georgia State University three times a year.
Five Points is a literary journal dedicated to publishing quality fiction, poetry, essays, photographs, artwork, and interviews. We place no limitations on style or content. Our only criterion is excellence. If your writing has an original voice, substance, and significance, send it to us. We will publish distinctive, intelligent writing that has something to say and says it in a way that captures and maintains our attention.

As of Sept. 1 Five Points has resumed reading manuscripts (not sure of their reading period but I think it ends in April). It accepts both poetry and fiction and pays in the semi-pro to pro range. Of course it accepts email submissions. It uses it's own Five Points Submission Manager which can be found here: http://www.fivepoints.gsu.edu/submissions/

By all accounts, it's pretty hard to get an acceptance from them. Doesn't mean you shouldn't try though :) It's only been around since 96 but many of its stories win awards and go into anthologies. It was #10 on EWR's Top 50 Literary Magazines.

Five Points only accepts up to 2 submissions per genre during the course of its reading period - meaning only up to 2 poems AND 2 stories at most.

It was kind of hard tracking down info about specific guidelines for Five Points, but with a little googling and dedication, I managed to find what I guess is their old website (their current one looks to be lacking a bit of info) - The old site is still up for the nonce but may disappear at any time. It has their guidelines, examples of poetry and fiction from older issues (do your research!) and a gallery of art from older issues as well. Of course, as these are old guidelines, you should use your best discretion.

Guidelines for General Submissions

Fiction: Stories or self-contained novel excerpts in the 7500-word range preferred, but we will consider longer pieces. One story per submission.

Poetry: High-quality poems. Send up to three poems per submission. Poems should not exceed fifty lines each.

Essays: Literary or personal essays, no criticism. We prefer the 7500-word range. Send one essay per submission. 

Photographs and Artwork: Send slides, cd, or duplicates. Black and white photography is preferable, but we will consider color.

Payment: $15 per printed page (prose), $50 per poem, $250 for photographs and artwork plus complimentary copies and  subscription. 

The new site also has examples of stories and poetry for the current issue that happens to be out, so check that as well.

Like everybody else these days, they have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Five-Points-A-Journal-of-Literature-and-Art/330426257932

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