Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Pedestal Magazine - Fiction - Poetry - Book Reviews - Interviews - Spoken Word

The Pedestal Magazine

Ah yes, the Pedestal Magazine. It was one of the first publications I ever tried to submit my own work to years ago. And was rejected. Oh the pain!!!!

Anyway :) the Pedestal is a terrific online literary magazine that I highly recommend:

The goal of The Pedestal Magazine is to provide a platform for authors and literary critics to publish work and stimulate thought and discussion. Published in each issue are 15-20 works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and book reviews from writers around the world. All published writers are paid professional rates. About
The Pedestal Magazine publishes fiction, poetry and book reviews. It pays at a semi-pro to professional rate ($40 for poems and .05/per word for fiction) - Submission is handled online through thier own submission page. Note that that guidelines change a bit from issue to issue, so ALWAYS check
POETRY: We are always open to a wide variety of poetry, ranging from the highly experimental to the traditionally formal. There are no length restrictions. There is no need to query prior to submitting poetry. Submit up to six (6) poems. Please submit all poems in one (1) form.

FICTION: Generally, we are receptive to high-quality literary and genre fiction of all sorts, including traditional and experimental works.

BOOK REVIEWS: While almost all reviews are now handled in-house, we are open to receiving queries regarding reviews of notable poetry collections, short story collections, and novels. Please query prior to submitting reviews.

INTERVIEWS: We are open to receiving queries regarding interviews with accomplished poets and fiction writers. Please query prior to submitting interviews.

SPOKEN WORD/SLAM: We are no longer accepting unsolicited spoken word/slam submissions. Please query Zachary Kluckman at if you are interested in submitting spoken word work.

The Pedestal takes a time-out for about a week, once a month. So check the guidelines page at the bottom to see if they're on hiatus or not.

There's no need to fret about finding sample work. Since it's an online magazine, ALL of the issues, starting with the current one, can be found on the site and perused free of charge :)

What? You thought an online magazine wouldn't have a presence on Facebook?

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