Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Public Space - Fiction - Non-Fiction - Poetry - Artwork - Photography - Illustrated Guides

A Public Space
A Public Space—an independent magazine of art and argument, fact and fiction—was founded in 2006 to give voice to the twenty-first century.
A Public Space is a literary magazine out of Brooklyn (Yes, Brooklyn!) - It's a nonprofit quarterly that publishes fiction, non-fiction and poetry. They also buy artwork and photography as well as illustrated guides.
A Public Space uses Submishmash for online submissions (like pretty much everybody else these days).
The best way to submit is by using our online system, where you will find additional guidelines. It’s easy to use, saves time and paper and postage, and enables you to keep track of your submission.

We read every submission, and respond as quickly as we can; our current wait-time is six months. If you have any questions along the way, email us at general[at]apublicspace[dot]org
The site's guidelines don't list any payment information, but many reputable sources agree that this is a pro-market.

A Public Space has many examples of work for you to check on it's site. It also has back-issues for sale.

You might also want to check out their events, they have some awesome stuff going on. Wish I could attend some of it!

Of course you can catch up with them on both Facebook and's the social age after-all!

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