Saturday, November 12, 2011

Jerseyworks - Poetry - Miscellany


Jerseyworks is an online litmag produced in Northfield, NJ - their website is a little haphazard, but I dare say, you will find some magnificent work on there if you were to happen to hazard it :)

Their guidelines have been updated for November 2011:
November 2011 UPDATE. WHO WE ARE AND WHAT WE'RE LOOKING FOR: The best in contemporary poetry and more. Open to all styles. We pay on publication for original material. Issues appear four times per year: fall, winter, spring, and summer, and we sometimes publish new material spontaneously. $10 minimum for short verse such as haiku, 20c/wd after 50 wds, $50 max per poem. Response time: 1-3 months. We're looking for poetry in translation and sometimes in languages other than English. Especially interested in French poetry. Contact or submit up to 5 poems to jerseyworks as Word document or copied into body of email.

Other than poetry, I'm not absolutely sure what Jerseywork buys. The site says that it once accepted unsolicited fiction, but no longer does. It's masthead lists the rate for poetry, but is very vague on other forms of art acceptable. I would suggest sending a query if you want to submit anything other than poetry. Although it does say:
What we are looking for is material with imagination, intelligence, heart, and maybe humor. We are always looking for good poetry and fiction, and we especially like to see fine photography, artwork, graphics, cartoons, hypertext, philosophy, and social criticism/analysis in the vein, say, of Sigmund Freud visits Margate, or a photo-essay of a development in Egg Harbor Township. We are interested in the creative and beautiful use of webspace and are open to possibilities.
With that being said, just a trip around the site will let you know that they do indeed accept all kinds of stuff - in fact, I just got done reading a photo essay on the site myself.

As for sample work, the site is full of it - but like I said's a bit of a task finding your way around. Just start at the main page and go from there. Or, start here: and go from there :))

Unfortunately, Jerseyworks doesn't seem to be very social. I cannot find any Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts for you good folks :(

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