Thursday, March 22, 2012

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The Missing Link Journal

I came across the Missing Link Journal while searching through Craigslist looking for some writing opportunities. They had not yet published their first issue, but they put out a call for submissions. I didn't want to speak about them until after their first issue came out. And's out :) I also submitted some of my own poetry to them and was duly rejected :( But for those of you that clock such things, the time from submission to rejection was about 3 months, but that was for the first issue.


Missing Link Journal is a journal dedicated to providing its readers with diverse non-fiction, fiction, poetry, graphic essays, artwork and photography. Our goal is to highlight beautiful and honest art, writing and photography that describes our connections to each other and the natural world.

As you can see, Missing Link buys fiction, poetry and various types of artwork. They look at flash fiction too. They pay somewhere between $25 and $50 for a piece. They accept submissions through submishmash like a lot of other publications these days. To fully understand their guidelines you should check both their submission guidelines page here: and the separate guidelines on their submishmash page here:

The journal is electronic at the moment, but I do believe they plan on having print issues at some point in the future.

As they are only one issue in, I don't think they really have everything quite the way they would like on the website, but please do look around. There are no samples but the site itself states what they are looking for and there are a few links to check out more from some of the first issues contributors.

Correction, if you check the individual purchase page for the first issue here you can actually view the first 20% of the journal, which is about 11 pages :)

They are currently taking submission for the second issue.

They haven't set up a Twitter or Facebook Page as of yet. But I'll update this posting as things change. On a side note, I do believe the main editor is a chef :)

If you want to purchase the first issue of the Missing Link Journal, you can find it here for $1.99 in every available e-format.

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